When children begin to learn how it is to walk and cause changes to their environment, parents oftentimes become very excited. These kick start toddler years, although can be frustrating and exhausting, are also worthwhile especially when you begin to see how your child is learning how to be more competent in his own world.

Trina’s Learning Center will support how busy your child can get. Using their bodies to demolish everything they trudge upon or simply to do exploration, we provide a very safe and child proof environment. We will train them how to be more physically active, performing other than walking, skills such as jumping, running, kicking and squatting.

Tenderly caring for your child, Trina’s Learning Center guarantees the same team of childcare professionals – competent, reliable and compassionate in everything they do.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us at 405-609-2332 or schedule an appointment to actually see our facilities.

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Trina's Learning Center would be happy to teach other kids and enrich many families' lives through a well-rounded education approach.

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