Trina’s Learning Center’s preschool program has all the right components to encourage your child’s optimum growth and development. Preschool years are quite challenging but they are also heartwarming as your child begins to develop a personality unique to his own.

Preschoolers love being social. It is the perfect time to encourage mingling and outdoor exploration with other kids. But the problem lies when your preschooler gets home and begins to act up. This is when our disciplinary actions would be focused on helping parents manage their children at home is also one of our core goals.

Send your child to Trina’s Learning Center, sharpen his skills, and improve your parenting style at the same time. To get more information about our preschool program, kindly dial 405-609-2332 or contact us for your messages and questions.

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Trina's Learning Center would be happy to teach other kids and enrich many families' lives through a well-rounded education approach.

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