Parents constantly think of how they can juggle parenthood with work. Especially with mothers, parting from their infants can be emotionally scarring and oftentimes, stressful. With lesser options left then, Trina’s Learning Center ensures an environment for children as early as 6 weeks old.

Infants love to explore using their senses. This is where we will focus our early childhood education intervention. We also guarantee sleep times for infants with regular intervals along with feeding times to ensure their physiologic growth and nutrition.

The main activities that infants do include grasping, kicking and wiggling; and they absolutely love colors, lights and the matchless comfort that the human face and voice bring. Caregiver to infant relationships will also be given attention to for the sustenance of early emotional intelligence.

Checked for their personal/criminal and professional backgrounds, our team of childcare professionals are at par with those hired in other highly recognized childcare facilities.

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Trina's Learning Center would be happy to teach other kids and enrich many families' lives through a well-rounded education approach.

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