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Promoting every child’s identity while teaching them how to mingle and achieve with others, Trina’s Learning Center has devised various programs for your children, including:

Apart from programs we have created for children belonging to different age groups, Trina’s Learning Center has also developed the variety of services below. Let the information shed light to your queries and allow you to get to know the efficiency we guarantee for our educational practice.

Educational and Early Childhood Development Services

Trina’s Learning Center relays age appropriate learning experiences for children to develop their unique intellectual, social, self-confidence and decision-making skills. Subject focuses of our Educational and Early Childhood Development Services dwell on the sciences, languages, pre-mathematics, motor enhancement, self-help skills. Our expert prepared activities include “Healthy Choices Always Curriculum” and “Mother Goose Time Curriculum.”

For activities happening inside the warm environment of our classroom, we put more emphasis on physical health, personal safety, dental health, tobacco prevention and nutrition. Parents are encouraged and welcome to visit the center at any time, as well as, participate in any program activities.

Child Health and Developmental Services

Trina’s Learning Center assists in the acquisition of information involving physicals, dental check-ups, vision and hearing screenings, and immunizations. Information on developmental screenings can be made available to relay more information about the child.

Mental Health

Trina’s Learning Center advocates the proper emotional well-being of not just children but also their respective families. Our staff members can greatly help you in your problem solving as well as resource referrals.


Trina’s Learning Center recognizes the great importance of proper nourishment for children. They need all the nutrients they can get to acquire proper learning. It is for this primary reason that we hire only licensed nutritionists to guide us in creating healthy menus for the kids. We also encourage children to socialize during meal times to develop their social adeptness as well as self-help skills.

Special Needs

Trina’s Learning Center provides services to suit the different developmental needs of children and their families. Our methods would include screening, assessment for determining disabilities, and providing evaluation referrals. At least 10 percent of the total enrollment opportunities will be made available to children with disabilities.

Our program for children with special needs would offer a very enriching avenue for the kids with disabilities. It may be hard for children to think that they are different, but our facility will encourage otherwise. We are proud to say that we compliant with the American Disabilities Act.

Community Partnerships

Trina’s Learning Center is affiliated with numerous community agencies who officially share in the responsibility of spreading resources to the families of children on subjects such as health care, mental health, nutrition, disabilities, child care, educational, and cultural events and activities for families. Moreover, TLC gladly accepts any donations from family or community sources with prior approval from TLC administration.

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