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Trina’s Learning Center (T.L.C.) is a 3-Star facility accredited by NECPA . TLC was founded in 1999. The professionals in our team believe that our curriculum is suited for children belonging to various developmental stages. Our existing curriculum seeks to promote social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in young children.

Our belief stands that each child needs security and the feeling of being wanted in order to achieve the greatest amount of growth. Therefore, we strive to promote a warm, caring, comfortable and safe environment for our little ones. Together, we can build routines with utmost predictability and consistency. We treat each child with equality, showing our gentle touch, honesty in responding to their inquisitiveness, and consistency in what we do. Our professionals offer encouragement to tap on the potentials of these children too.


The mission of our program is to prepare teachers who demonstrate the commitment and capacity to reform schooling and education for all young children’s educational needs. Educators in our facility are firm in their belief that children also have rights – the right to respect no matter what their abilities are. We ensure an environment that is stimulating together with a challenging curriculum that will foster any child’s capacity to be creative, independent in choosing, and acquire new learning through play.


  • Each child individually learns in different ways, at a different pace, by different approaches and at different ages of maturation.
  • A positive self-concept develops in children who can fulfill their goals, accomplish tasks on their own, and cooperate with others and receive positive feeling from others.
  • Self-disciplined children can direct their efforts towards fulfillment of their goals. Children learn self-discipline through understanding, commitment, and reinforcement.
  • Self-reliance is achieved by allowing children to do as many things for themselves as they are capable of, but keeping in mind new skills.

For more information about our facility, kindly contact us at 405-609-2332 or set a tour schedule to see our facilities for yourself.

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Trina's Learning Center would be happy to teach other kids and enrich many families' lives through a well-rounded education approach.

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